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No other fish fully compares to a Tarpon when it comes to presenting the ultimate saltwater challenge.

In my opinion, no other fish fully compares to a Tarpon when it comes to presenting the ultimate saltwater challenge. These fish migrate north from April to August following the bait and specific thermal temperatures.

The Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Dunedin area is a hotbed for Tarpon and provides an incredible and diverse fishery. We’re are just a short trip away from bridges like the Skyway, Gandy, and Bayside, where Tarpon stack up and provide us with furious action day and night. They are also found cruising the flats of the back country and creeks where sight fishing may be at its best. Nothing like finding a school of undisturbed fish in 2-4 feet of water and poling up on them without a boat in sight… Some of the most popular and effective ways to catch these fish is to fish the passes at Egmont Key or Bean Point in Tampa Bay at the hill tides. Usually we are floating crabs or drifting white bait to entice the bite. There are days each week in which we jump double-digit fish. My personal favorite way to catch this amazing fish is to sight fish them on the beach. We do a lot of spin and fly fishing for tarpon in Clearwater, FL and no matter your skill level or experience, we will put you on fish and coach you up on how to get your fly/plug/crab/whitebait in front of that Tarpon to get a bite!

There is perhaps no better tarpon fishery in the country during the months of  May, June, or July due to the incredible diversity of our landscape. There is always a way to find the fish no matter if you’re a bait fisherman or a fly fisherman.

A word of caution to those of you that don’t already know… This is perhaps the most addicting sport to be found anywhere in the world! Once you set the hook on the Silver King and witness the gigantic hole in leaves in the earth as it launches itself toward the sky, the rest will be out of your hands and you will have joined the club of the insanely obsessed fishermen that can think about nothing more than the next “Fix” of adrenalin and his/her next battle with the mighty Tarpon or as many call the “Silver King”!



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Charter Captain Brian Dopirak

Meet the Captain

It all started for Brian at a young age. He grew up as a Florida-native in Palm Harbor where he learned how to fish from one of the most respected fisherman in the state; his father, Captain Al Dopirak. Brian grew up fishing the Tampa Bay area and he had two loves in his life; fishing and baseball! At the age of eight, Brian started playing baseball and continued to play through high school until he got drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the second round. He played professional baseball a total of close to 10 years, playing for three different major league organizations; the Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays and the Houston Astros. He led his dream life having both loves as a career; baseball through the season and fishing during the offseason.

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