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Redfish Fly Fishing

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Redfish fly fishing is so addicting it can turn into a full fledged addiction

Fly fishing for redfish in the Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Dunedin waters is can turn into a full-fledged addiction! There are so many vast grass flats to pole across, and so many oyster bars to check, the area is just a hotbed for these bruisers.

We target large redfish and sight cast them all year long. The fish go into different patterns with the weather changes and water temperature changes but there are always fish to find. If you have never been redfish fly fishing in Clearwater, FL before you will find that it is much more challenging than chumming, chunking, or using shrimp or whitebait! We can’t just sit and wait… We are on offense the entire day. Scanning, looking, pursuing, stalking, and ultimately executing! There is almost nothing better than seeing one of these big reds come to the surface, stick its face out of the water, and inhale your fly! I would rather catch one on fly than 30 on whitebait. Its just a totally different experience and something that you will want over and over again. No matter the weather or what pattern the fish are in we will trailer one of our three Hells Bay flats boats to any part of the Palm Harbor, Clearwater, or Dunedin area and get you on the fish!

These redfish love shrimp, crabs, and crustaceans and are often seen eating them from the bottom, leaving a beautiful red and spotted tail in the air for the waiting angler to key in on! The redfish is a hard fighting fish that will never give up. They fight dirty and will rip off some line in a hurry, so you better come prepared for an exciting and challenging fight!

Those of you that want to try your luck by fly fishing for redfish do so with caution! These fish can be very spooky and even the most seasoned fly fishermen can be bamboozled by this fish! But once you stick one… I guarantee you will be back for more! It’s a big challenge but the payoff is totally worth it!



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Charter Captain Brian Dopirak

Meet the Captain

It all started for Brian at a young age. He grew up as a Florida-native in Palm Harbor where he learned how to fish from one of the most respected fisherman in the state; his father, Captain Al Dopirak. Brian grew up fishing the Tampa Bay area and he had two loves in his life; fishing and baseball! At the age of eight, Brian started playing baseball and continued to play through high school until he got drafted by the Chicago cubs in the second round. He played professional baseball a total of close to 10 years, playing for three different major league organizations; the Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays and the Houston Astros. He led his dream life having both loves as a career; baseball through the season and fishing during the offseason.

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