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Catching Fish in Cold Water Months

Fishing Report

January 26, 2018
Clearwater – Saltwater Fishing Report

The winter months can always be challenging when the cold water sets in. Fish get lethargic when cold, which means your approach to catching them has to change.

Our approach has been fishing with larger shrimp, pinfish, and scented jigs.

When using your shrimp we like to rig the bait with a 1 size hook, 20lb test fluorocarbon leader about 3 feet long with a small split shot at the bottom of the hook (which will help keep your bait down and help you cast the bait as well), and a small cork on the top of the leader. This approach will keep your bait vertical and just off the bottom, keeping it in the ideal eating zone.

The fish we are targeting are speckled trout, sheephead, and redfish in the colder months with drum mixed in as well.

Remember to fish light to get the bite and only keep what you can eat!

Capt. Brian Dopirak

Clearwater Fishing Forecast:

With spring approaching and the new moon coming, the red fishing should start to turn on with big numbers. You can expect a larger tide with much better water flow. Redfish love a big moon on the rise with all the crustaceans on the bottom being pulled out, it’s their time to feed!

Target Species: