Spring fishing is in full effect

Fishing Report

Spring fishing is in full effect!! We are catching  redfish and trout in great numbers, while the snook bite has been on fire as well.

We are catching the snook in creek mouths with live pilchards on a set up with a size1 circle hook and 30lb test floro carbon leader.

The redfish have been thick on the shore lines on a higher tide fishing around oyster beds and rocky areas along the shore,we are also using a similar set up with a size 1circle hook and 20-25lb floro carbon leader using shrimp,pilchards and Pin fish for bait,if fishing shallow water we would recommend using a cork to keep the bait up

The trout bite has been really good on our local spoil island and on the flats fishing pot holes,we are also using the same set up for fishing trout as we are for the redfish

The nearshore bite has really picked up with this warmer weather,the king fish have moved in along with the big mackerel,on pretty days we are catching record numbers.

For these we are going with a long shank mustad hook size 4 with a 40lb floro carbon leader and using large pilchards.
We are doing our best in 30-40ft of water on hard bottom anchored up chumming drawing the fish to us.